Welcome to my first ever blog thing. This blog site is intended to be the vehicle upon which I document the conception, creation, birth and growth of my very first Adelaide Fringe Festival One Man Comedy Show!  AKA fringe baby.

I have been loving watching and doing stand up comedy since Aug 2010. I have also watched 1 fringe and done spots in another fringe and adored both -It would be fair to say that comedy has become somewhat of a passion and obsession. I have not thus far been tempted to do a Fringe show though, It has seemed about as tempting as anal (something else I was not looking foward to, but something that I should try before I die.)

But just like all those 20 something party girls that protest that they will NEVER have children, I got caught off guard and had unprotected conversation ( I was a bit drunk) with Lyrical Gangster, Jason Pestell. I had just finished a great 10 min set mostly about nursing. He proceeded to woo me with talk of how great I was, and how he loved my thing and how he would love to see more of me – perhaps a fringe show, about nursing. Two days later Simon Palomares banged it home hard that he also belived I could do a nursing show. I am really not sure who this F baby’s biological daddy is, but one thing is for sure, neither of them is going to raise it.

I was vulnerable, My fringe eggs were twitching but I didnt know what for. The minute that Jason said nursing, the eggs became zygotes. Do you have any idea how much energy is released when a zygote happens? I don’t either, but I remember it is a lot, because you are very tired for the rest of your life after it happens. Conception had occurred.

I am exactly 5 days fringe preggers now. I very much feel that I want the F baby, but I am not sure if I can afford it, or if I quite know how to take care of it. I do feel that whatever it is I will love it though.  Lots has happened in the past 5 days and I will post another time, because I I am having a glass of wine with my husband- who has said he will support me and the child but he is not coming to any appointments or anything, he will be too busy looking after the 2 human babies we already have. I know that sitting at a computer with wine is no way to start pregnancy, but feck it, she’ll be right. Thanks for coming and see you soon.



  1. Feck it indeed….I am happy to be part of the the support crew. You know the type….the ones that tell you how pregnancy makes you glow (not the wine of course), give you lots of unwanted, unsolicited advice about the birth, suggest freakin ridiculous names, goo and gaa at the baby then secretly snicker coz ya never got your figure back & your life changes beyond all recognition.

    PS: can you post apic of your ultrasound soon please 😉

    1. Bless you Kerry, you are defo the shows fav aunty, would love advice on names. It has to be to the point, probably should have the word hospital or nurse in it and i would like it to begin with a letter near the start of the albhabet.

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