I have a date through for the amniocentesis, Craig has given me Friday Sept 7th at my beloved rhino for a feature spot (I am a pushy mum, I asked for it) This will let me do a 30-40 min run. It will give me an idea as to if the baby is a spacka or not. It should also just be bloody good fun. It is the same week as Peter Helliar is in Adelaide, so it will reflect fringe in so much as I have to pull in my own crowd against incredibly stiff competition.

I have also been hit with what I think is a pretty perfect idea for a poster. The poster will be up against approx 400 billion other posters, it has to get the message across- this is me, comedy and nursing. Here goes the idea. Me in a nurse’s hat, smiling/laughing, the Red Cross on the nurses hat will be doctored somehow, perhaps an emoticon of laughing embossed on it. I love it. The hats are a piece of piss to make, like paper aeroplanes; I will keep these on the back burner as a gimmick. My image is very to the point- it has to be. I don’t expect it to stand out against a Wil Anderson or Felicity Ward poster, but it should simply convey what the show is. Job done mutha fuckers!

Also am pretty struck on a title- Georgie Carroll: Nursing Anatomy.

You guys rock by the way, I have had this blog a month and have had a brilliant amount of hits. Now when I Google me on my computer, I am the number one thing, I have also got my name on Wikipedia, not a page about me, just my name on the RAW comedy page, I have twitter ( that I never use, I hate it), the children have made me Wii Miis on the Nintendo Wii, I had a fan page on face book, now discontinued (you are all more than welcome to just be my mate on real face book Georgie Carroll). I have my first fringe show in creation. My next goal is ‘’the Georgie Carroll experience’’ for the PS2 and my own underwear range that just sells really big gray knickers and bras with one underwire sticking out.

Soon I will have a poster, and my head will be everywhere, Comedy- you have created a MONSTER.

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