Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner.

The baby is growing nicely but this past week it has been sucking the life out of mamma through the umbilical cord like a thick Maccas shake. I look a little like one of those pregnant people that has every complication possible and a meth addiction.

I made myself a goal at the end of last fringe, get around as much as possible, play as many rooms as I can and work my butt off. 5 months later and I have hit 2 countries, 4 states, 50 gigs, 22 venues. The intention-keep getting better at this, set up contacts and have a ball. Tick, tick and gold star. Baby is blooming.

However momma is drained, each 10 mins of stage time takes a certain amount of hours in terms of admin and prep, not sure exactly how much time, (did you read the last paragraph, that is quite enough maths for one day.) I try to watch more comedy than I perform too, plus it would be rude to not join whatever party is going on post gig. I will absolutely not complain about this, Fact is – got far too much of a good thing going on in my life, kids in Afghanistan must be crying for me right now.

I have fallen into the trap that so many pregnant people fall into- believing that while you are pregnant that all you are is a bub carrier, this is why you often have a party girl pre pregnancy and end up with a dull washed out one dimensional stress head post baby.

I am lucky because I have loved me for as long as I can remember. I am pretty bullet proof although no lethal shots have been fired as yet. I don’t do journeys; let’s leave that shit to Oprah and Hobbits. My decisions are made from instinct most of the time. Money is never a factor, you can always earn more or spend less. Time is rarely a factor, I can sleep when I am dead. Instinct at the moment is telling me to lay off the travelling for a bit, Spend time with friends and family and find things other than comedy funny again.

The focus of my game was- play as many rooms as possible, write loads, don’t polish, get contacts, become a good MC.

The focus now- Buckle down and write a good show, Polish it, become a good MC, smash my first feature, get a good publicity pack together for FERS. Find time for life outside comedy.

If I write the show by October I will treat myself to another little trip in November though, Brissy or Alice.

Has it been worth it- Fuck yes!

What have I learned?

Because I have had lots of different projects on the go writing has become part of my everyday mindset. For me comedy feels like a muscle (pretty much the only one I work) If I haven’t worked it regularly it will fail me when I get on stage.

I have had to find my Balls ( AKA Mojoko ref Lindsay Webb) In some pretty strange and uncomfortable environments. I also accept any late last minute spots offered to me even if I have nothing prepared, this builds great comedy balls. I am finding it easier and easier to locate my mojoko, for me it’s a feeling, it’s just behind my mediastinum and it feels fizzy and a little bit like love/joy. I can often pull it out of nowhere at no notice but if I am not feeling it I can synthesize it with shit pop music, God bless Carley-Ray Jepson. Sometimes sadly it just isn’t there and the gig just isn’t the same. I do need to work on keeping my mojoko when the audience has quite tapped into it just yet.

For now baby can be forgotten for a short time while mummy pretends she isn’t pregnant and remembers the joys of thinking about less epic things, and indulges in nicotine and booze- she will rock these things and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy a whole lot more as a result. thanks for reading and don’t forget to come to the amniocentesis on  the 7th sept, for tickets.

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