Yey! the baby has enough chromosomes.

I did my first feature spot on friday night, this was what I have been calling the amniocentesis, where we find out if the fringe baby has any defects. Although I was stressed on the run up to the appointment the procedure itself proved joyful and most importantly, it proved that fringe baby has all the appropriate chromosomes,  essentialy we have a happy viable fetus and an incredibly happy momma.

I will admit that I did over commit by taking another booking for a big gig (polygigamy)on the night of the feature. There are several methods to getting away with polygigamy in a classy manner. The method I use is always honour the first gig that booked you (yes, even if the other gig is more impressive, more highly paid or more fun) always be honest with both promoters. How you treat yourself and others off stage would appear to be just as important as what you do onstage in comedy.

The other gig was a recording of a DVD for Granny flaps AKA Lori Bell ( well, i cant find a real website for her, but if she had one it would be that i reckon). I was to do a 20 minute support slot at the start of her night, then zoom to my beautiful Rhino room (30 min drive) and hop up for a feature spot. I promised my comedy dad that I would be at Rhino for 9.15pm. The Recording was excellent, sell out, a pumped room, a beautiful setting and I got to wear a radio Mike which made me feel very grown up, it was almost a shame to leave it because it looked so much fun. I was also being recorded on the night, for showreel and as part of a CD called something like comedy for mum. This then becomes more of a pressure gig, because whatever I say is out there forever, and ever. It also becomes apparent that the first gig starts at 8.30 not 8. Faaaaaaaaak! These detail were coming in dribs and drabs and the impossibility of the situation didnt feel apparent until the day before. I cope with this is by thinking of other things, like how much fun it would be and blocking it out a little.

My one and only attempt at being organised in all of this was to buy a sat nav and pre program in 3 Frome avenue, which is like the Rhino Rooms address. I text Craig the second I get in the car from The Semaphore Gig- ”I am on my way”. He texts back ”you will be getting out of the car and on to the stage I think”. I texted back- ”fine, I will need water” he texts back – ”got it, see you in 30.” I arrived at Frome avenue exactly 30 minutes later, problem RHINO IS ON FROME STREET-NOT AVENUE, YOU DICKHEAD.

I am still 15 mins away but I make it to Rhino in 10, I dump the car and sprint accross the road to rhino run upstairs and smash through the door to see that Craig has jumped up on stage to do a ”tight however bloody long it takes Georgie to get here” and he is rocking the crowd. Not only has he saved my neck, he has water waiting for me too. Love that Craig. It becomes even more imperative that I don’t fuck this up.

Dues to my Comedy BFF Julia Clarke also,  who was MCing the evening, she bought me flowers the first night I hosted, I gave her a feature act that may not show up. She had a big hug waiting for me and she made sure I was OK. Love that Julia.

Now, let’s get this straight, I cannot rest on my laurels. The amnio is just one facet of the baby’s health, it needs to carry on growing, I need to not screw up what I have already created. It all sounds very exciting, which it was, I love Chaos, I bloody love it, I love that I turned comedy into an adrenaline sport  ( I had to run 100m) that night. When I was having my real babies I didn’t even want to know how pregnant I was because I just want it all to be a surprise when it fell out. I don’t like routine or predictability. But this only worked because I had worked and worked prior to it.

I have learned a lot over the last few weeks. Wil Anderson was kind enough to give me some advice, now believe me, I am only dropping that name in so much as to say I got a gig with him ( he didn’t even pick me for it, it just kind of happened) He is not a friend, he doesn’t know me this makes the fact that he took time to give me advice even kinder. Lots of people have helped me learn.

Here are my new things I think I know that are new………

I have to work hard all the time to be chilled at a gig. Just relax on the day of a big gig.

eyeball the crowd after a joke, don’t look down.

Big breath before a joke.

get the mike stand out of the equation, I mess with it too much.

Put the right address into sat nav if you want it to go to a specific place.

Speak soon. Love ,Love, Love, especially to those who turn up to gigs, Georgiexx

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