Mothers Instinct

Inspiration has come in many guises this week, Intuition is taking precedent. There are a number of new things to report.

One- Fringe baby is officially registered. official people know of it and recognise it. money has been invested, we are past the date of legal abortion. incidentally I did abort the baby’s twin (MICF) with no remorse.

Two- Baby has a roof over its head, The Maid . The nursery is perfect, fricken perfect, next to the city, free parking, food, disco til three, beautiful room I am in love, love I tell you. I just knew the moment I saw it that i would want to watch my show there.

Amniocentesis was clear, arms legs, no gills or anything. Show pretty much written. Promo scans done and brilliant. For fuck sake the show has already won a grant.

All that stuff sounds driven and impressive and I am suitably impressed however other big things are happening that are going to make this show Dynamite.

Intuition, that’s what has been happening. mothers instinct. Just like parenting there isn’t a guide to getting this right Intuition has been telling me to stop writing the jokes, and start relishing the chance to be on stage again. I watch comedy  a lot  and every now and again you see something that gets you fired up, or something that is so far removed from what you want to be that it makes you realise things. I will not talk about the bad example on-line, coz that’s not right, but the positive influence came in the form or El Jaguar amongst others.

El Jaguar, for those who haven’t seen him, is an improv comic from Canada, I don’t know his real name although he certainly is well-known. El Jaguar is his character at the moment. I had a million reasons not to go to the Arkaba for comedy that night but intuition told me to go. El jaguar did something amazing and I don’t have a clue what it was, i could not describe it the day after, I don’t know that el jaguar even knew what it was til it happened. He is here to gestate his fringe show, another fringe momma. I have not laughed like that forever.  It switched me on to improvisation though, I have thought about it, but I thought it was acting – like pretending to ride a pony or sip from a tea-cup, both things I don’t even do in real life. but that wasnt what it was, it was more real that joke telling.

So I got brave and gave it a go and fuck am I glad I did. It was my first go at improv and it feels like an entirely new part of my skills just got unlocked. Reinventing myself like Madonna.

Adelaidians interested in El Jaguar be at Rhino at 7.30 this sunday he is previewing his fringe show.

Special mention to dead beat bastard dad Jason Pestell who has constantly told me to throw away the joke book ( and I havent listened) and to Eddie Bannon who is a lot brighter than he looks and sounds, to Craig Egan for bringing me El Jaguar and creating an environment where you can be brave.

Now share this blog because i am off camping this weekend and will not beable to check my web site stats every hour, i would like to come back to a nice big number if you dont mind. See you at El Jaguar Sunday.

Much Love, Georgie Carroll xx

P.S this show is gonna rock.

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