Dear blog, it has been a while since we spoke but the fringe baby is due in 15 days and I feel so much has happened/ is happening that we should have an update.

The whole of the second trimester cruised along nicely and fringe baby grew steadily most of the time. There was a period where the baby didn’t look to be growing at all because I was out living and forgot I was pregnant! I partied, played with the biological real children, went on dates with the husband and had my momma over from England. Much of the time when I did this I felt guilty that I wasn’t looking after the foetus well enough and that it might come out looking odd. However, if I didn’t do all the things that a human does when it isn’t fringe pregnant then the baby would look odd anyway?

There was a few weeks of anxiety in the second trimester where it all became a bit impossible and I stopped growing the baby all together, I stopped writing because everything I wrote seemed not good enough so the writing stopped and the foetus just never got fed. After a couple of weeks of absolutely shitting myself (it was too late for an abortion) I spoke with Kehau Jackson who is the shows maternal grandma- she sent me a long email, the gist of which was


Bloody hell was that woman right, the less you work you put in the harder it all becomes, I started writing and the baby is now HUGE, we are talking Mahousive.

The baby popped out on the 11th Jan for a preview show, the labour was enjoyable and I was proud to deliver a near perfect baby in front of a packed Rhino room. What is more, I bloody loved being its mother. I have since shoved the baby back up me and it is impatient to get out again. It is beginning to get uncomfortable and grow extra limbs.

Totally appreciate everyone who has helped spread the word and I am chuffed to say tickets are selling like you would not believe; I have banned myself from looking at ticket sales now because it seems to stop the baby growing. 15 days to go, bring it on. Cannot wait for you all to see this baby.

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