Word is Born.

The fringe baby arrived in style on the 15th February, the labour was a simple one. A friend took me for brunch on the morning of the birth and she said I looked like someone on meth with ADHD. I kept hitting myself and bashing my head on tables and pulling faces and making whooping noises. I so wanted to see the baby but the idea of my opening was a mixture of anticipation, joy, nerves, inadequacy and responsibility. Outwardly this manifested itself looking somewhat like tourettes.


I found out I had totally sold out the whole season just hours before opening. It made me cry, partly because I was proud, partly because my husband was proud, and mostly because it made me think ‘’ I ROCK’’ which is a good way to feel on opening night. Every night 70 people had got their lives, mates and cash and shit together and chosen to rock up to see my baby.

My rock and roll maternity leave has been great. I have had massages and gel nails and blow dried my hair daily and used moisturiser, watched Dance moms allot and had afternoon naps. I like to think that Princess Kate’s own mat leave will mirror mine.

I haven’t partied as yet because of some advice I was given. Like all advice it may not be relevant to your position but it’s worth a read anyway.

1)   Look after the HALTS- don’t get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or Serious. This was my favourite bit of advice, given by one of my favourite comics. If I wasn’t feeling it before a gig I would work out which one of these things it was and correct it.

2)   Don’t party to excess during your run. This was the most common bit of advice given by everyone ever. Now my run has finished I am going to party like a Lohan and get pissed and dance and loot and set shit on fire, cocaine. It is going to be disgraceful.

Something new became apparent over the last fortnight- I love being a festival comic, I didn’t expect that. It is unsettling because I already have two passions in my life, family and nursing- I am not sure where the new passion fits in but it is going to have to. I must remember there is no Rush- the festivals will always be there- I should take them head on as and when the rest of my life is ready for them.

One of my proudest moments was when my husband Steve came to see the baby for the first time, It’s kind of his baby too, fair enough I did most of the work, well all of the work. He was proud as punch of me and this should make the whole new festival me more achievable.

I cannot thank the people who supported me enough there are too many to mention them all on here but it is basically anyone who was generous with time, knowledge, opportunities, or kindness. Anyone who organised a staff night out or helped me flyer, anyone who gave me stage time all year to work this up, anyone who put me back in my box when my head got too big. Most of all I would like to thank anyone who bought a ticket and laughed.

The baby now needs to rest for a while, I want to wake it up and play with it some more but that will have to wait. The demand for people wanting to see the show has far exceeded expectations so I will hold a big viewing session in the near future somewhere bigger, perhaps the entertainment centre or Wembley. Hook up with me on Facebook at find out the dates.

Thanks to everyone, I am more proud of my baby than you could ever know.

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