Word is Born.

The fringe baby arrived in style on the 15th February, the labour was a simple one. A friend took me for brunch on the morning of the birth and she said I looked like someone on meth with ADHD. I kept hitting myself and bashing my head on tables and pulling faces and making whooping […]


Dear blog, it has been a while since we spoke but the fringe baby is due in 15 days and I feel so much has happened/ is happening that we should have an update. The whole of the second trimester cruised along nicely and fringe baby grew steadily most of the time. There was a […]

Mothers Instinct

Inspiration has come in many guises this week, Intuition is taking precedent. There are a number of new things to report. One- Fringe baby is officially registered. official people know of it and recognise it. money has been invested, we are past the date of legal abortion. incidentally I did abort the baby’s twin (MICF) with no remorse. Two- Baby has […]

Yey! the baby has enough chromosomes.

I did my first feature spot on friday night, this was what I have been calling the amniocentesis, where we find out if the fringe baby has any defects. Although I was stressed on the run up to the appointment the procedure itself proved joyful and most importantly, it proved that fringe baby has all the appropriate chromosomes,  essentialy we have a […]