Ante Natal Class

Jesus Christ what am I part of. I can remember from my human babies- looking around the anti natal class as my husband was asked to label parts of a lady that even I didn’t know I had. As I sat in a group of ladies- yes ladies, ones that were not like any ladies […]


I have a date through for the amniocentesis, Craig has given me Friday Sept 7th at my beloved rhino for a feature spot (I am a pushy mum, I asked for it) This will let me do a 30-40 min run. It will give me an idea as to if the baby is a spacka […]

What to expect when expecting.

The fringe embryo is five weeks old now. And it is just an embryo. It has no eyes or limbs or character, just the promise of something hard work and amazing. It would not know if I aborted it, but I would know and so would my peers. I have moments of doubt and fear […]


One of the most exciting things about being fringe pregnant, is telling people about it. Just like a real baby pretty much everyone is happy for you and just like a real baby, it is a lot harder to get rid of it once they know about it. The first person I told was the […]